sonia interview 2013

the interview where sonia answered your questions!

Jamie M - I understand that there are two songs that you recorded for your greatest hits album but neither appeared, "Dancing In the Driver's Seat" and "Your Heart Or Mine", tell us a bit about these?

Hi Jamie
I demo'd these two songs 'Drivers seat' and 'Your heart of mine' for Barry Upton who wrote 'Only fools' for me ,they were not for my greatest hits album, Great songs though!

I've got tickets for the Rewind festival, can you give us a preview of your set list?
The rewind festivals will be great, I havent thought of my set yet.

I think a perfect role for you would be Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers. Is this a part you'd be interested in playing?
I would love to play Mrs Johnson in 'Blood Brothers' I think I am the right age for it, the songs are right for my vocal range, I hope to get the chance.

I always admired your passion for music and singing. Do you still have the same passion for performing that you had in the early days?
I love singing when people want to come and see you and watch you perform, it gives you the biggest buzz., I get a great reaction everywhere I go.

Hi Sonia, I would like to ask you do ever get tired of performing your number 1 hit you'll never stop me from loving you? and will you be doing another tour this year in London? I’m such a massive fan of yours, have been for 27 years grew up watching you on tv. Keep on the fantastic work you do, Lots of love sarah
Hi Sarah I still love singing all my songs especially 'You'll never stop me loving you'. I am so proud of that song It was my debut and a massive number one hit! keep checking the site for updates as I have of gig planned for the year.

Lee Wells (Southampton)
There were false rumours a while back of you being in the "Celebrity Big Brother" line up. Would you ever consider this or any other celebrity reality show?

Hi Lee, I would love to go on 'I'm a celebrity' I think it looks the most fun and challenging. Plus its not a normal situation it would be an adventure.

Is your absence on Facebook and Twitter a concious decision? I would personally like to read your tweets.
I don't do facebook and twitter I am a very private person when I am not performing. I like to keep my private life that way.

If you were asked to contribute a track to a Madonna tribute album, which song would you choose?
I love madonna's 'Borderline'

"Hi Sonia. Absolutely love you! What Pwl song would you most like to perform an acoustic stripped back version of?" (Ben Dobson)
Hi Ben, I would probably pick listen to your heart.

Robert ivory
Did you ever regret doing Reborn In The USA because of the tension between Dollar?

Hi Robert, I dont regret doing reborn I had a great time touring america with many of my friends, it also tought me how to deal with ego's!

Kevin Gilfillan - from each of your albums which song(s) would you have liked to release as singles that weren't?
Hi Kevin, A song from my second album 'Breakdown' I think would have been a great song to release.

Jason Jay - White Hi Sonia, is there any other S/A/W song you would have like to have recorded?
I loved kylie's 'Never too late' I would love to have been given that song.

Leo Stubbing - Hi Sonia - love your music but living in Australia we miss out on various tv appearances & concerts (thanks YouTube), any plans to visit down under - the weather is gorgeous doll !:)
Matty Muston - Yes Sonia come to Sydney get booked in for a mardi gras gig please?
Andrew Parr - Hi Sonia, you deserve a working holiday Downunder! Hope to see you in Melbourne soon
I would love to come to Australia. It's one of the only places I never went to do promotion. If any promoters ask me I will come.

Which BIG FUN duet does she prefer more?
I loved doing the song with big fun It was such a good cause .The cover 'you've got a friend' song is amazing I did prefer that song but we had to go with the record company chocie.

aadi - Was LET'S HAVE A PARTY ever considered as a single?
Hi Aadi, Pete thought I needed a song to open my set so 'let's have a part'y came about I still use it on some of my gigs.

The reaction you got from the 20,000 people at the Hit factory was one of the best of the night how did it make you feel? The hit factory live concern was amazing, you looked stunning, how did you feel about performing live at the 02 arena Who did you most enjoy catching up with at the hit factory live?
I loved the o2 gig I was completey overwhelmed by the reaction i recived, I loved the whole night thank you to everyone who was there, and for your support. I loved catching up with Jason, Sinitta and Hazell
Gracie loved playing with sinittas children And she knows hazells daughter stevie well

Which Song does Graice enjoy mummy singing to her? Dose she sing your songs?
Gracie loves 'You'll never stop me lovin you'

You recorded a great version of ‘She Loves You’ for the album, was this your choice or would have chosen a different song?
I chose 'She loves you' for the number one project the whole project was great.

I Can’t believe its 20 years this year that you did Eurovision? What would you do now if you were offered Eurovision again?
If I was offered the eurovsion now i'm not sure what I would do, I think the song would have to be in place first. who knows?

Thanks for sending me these questions and thanks for your continued support, Love Sonia xx

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