sonia interview 2014

the interview where sonia answered your questions!

Its hard to believe that 25 years ago you recorded "You'll
Never Stop Me Loving You", what do you remember about
being given the song & the recording process?

"You'll Never Stop me loving you" was written for me. I sat down with Mike Stock and we talked about some ideas. He wrote the chorus first I went in and sang it through, and from there he knew my range and sound. The whole process of writing and recording the song took about 2 hours.

"You'll Never Stop Me Loving You" is such a classic 80's music video, did you have fun when making it?

The video to "You'll Never Stop Me Loving You" was so funny to make especially when I start swinging on his back. It made me look like some kind of mad stalker!!!!

Top of the pops was the biggest music tv show of its time, what do you recall about the first ever appearance on the show? can you remember who else was on the same show?

I loved doing Top Of The Pops I couldn't believe I was
there, I can't remember who was on the first show i did.
I think it was the London boys.

Andrew Rankin asks - Out of the songs that you covered, have you got a particular favourite?
Hi Andrew, I loved recording and performing "You To Me Are Everything," I love The real thing , Fellow scousers we once lived on the same road!!!!

Scott Alexander asks - Would you ever do Celebrity Big Brother or go into the Jungle?
Hi Scott, I think I would go in the jungle even though I hate bugs and spiders it looks like torture but good fun.

Will Moors asks - Why do you never perform "Only Fools" in your live set? it was such a huge hit!
Hi Will, I do love "Only fools", I will start putting it in my set.

Catherine Chatfield asks - "You'll Never Stop Me Loving You" was the second single I ever bought. What was the first record you bought and do you still have it?
Hi Catherine, The first single i ever bought was 'Working My Way Back To You Babe', It will be in a box somewhere, if you
get the chance have a listen it's brilliant - the Detroit Spinners version.

William Perez asks - Could you release a 'Sonia: The Definitive Collection' with all of your hits since your
first single with a DVD with all of your videos and your performances on TOTP and of course your great
performance in Eurovision?

Hi William, There was a hits album a few years back in 2007 but sadly not with any pwl songs. I will look into it
see what we can do.

Mark Chambers asks - Any thoughts of making available some of your unreleased demo tracks to your fans via ITunes or your fan site?
Hi Mark, I have some great demo songs I will have to try and get them available to download.

Steve Edward asks - What has been your favourite live performance of your own? (I will NEVER forget how fabulous you were at Gay Pride in London in '93 and '94!)
Hi Steve, I have a lot of favourite performances like The London O2 PWL night 2012 was so special. First night at
the Dominion in Grease and all those times at G.A.Y.

Nathan Robertson asks - Was their a music video ever made for 'We've Got the Power'?
Hi Nathan, Yes there was a promo video made for the single but I wasn't in it. It just had the cast of the Gladiator's

Mark Chambers asks - Any thoughts of making available some of your unreleased demo tracks to your fans via ITunes or your fan site?
Hi Mark, I have some great demo songs I will have to try and get them available to download.

Brian Scotland asks - Do you have any plans to do any gigs in Scotland, your Scottish fans would love to see
you. also can't wait to see you on my first visit to Scarborough on 2nd August will you be singing "better the devil you know", what other Songs do you plan to sing on the night?

Hi Brian, I love going to Scotland I have performed all over there, last time was for the Rewind Festival at Scone Palace
Perth. I Will hopefully be back in Scotland next year for some shows. Am really looking forward to the Scarborough show I havn't chosen my set yet, it should be a great night!!!!

Matthew johnson asks - You have appeared at a number of 80's festivals rewind/lets rock do you ever get star struck by seeing any of your idols from the 80's? if so who?
Hi Matthew, I love doing all the 80's festivals it is great seeing all the artists I grew up watching.I think I am the youngest artist on the shows everybody is so nice just a bunch of great artists and friends.

Stuey from London asks - At your gigs apart from singing your own classics, whats your favourite song you cover?
Hi Stuey, it has to be "You To Me Are Everything,"

*** a personal message from sonia ***
Thankyou for all of your questions. its always good to get your feedback and support. as always sotw will be the first to know about any upcoming shows and will put them on the site. i hope to see you all at the rest of my shows this year. Sonia XXX

Photos courtesy of John Henry Sartain - taken from the "Lets rock bristol" concert where sonia performed to over 10,000 music lovers!