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The Doogles Puppets are the creation of Michael Jazbec (this sites webmaster). The Doogles are a gang of crazy and colourful puppets who love to sing and dance their way through life bringing smiles to the faces of all those who watch them perform. You can visit their website or youtube channel or become a friend on facebook!

KM is Keren Minshull the Australian Record Industry Award winning artist who was lead singer of successful 90s dance group Euphoria. Their hit singles included 'love you right' and 'one in a million'! Keren is now a solo artist and if you've never had the chance to hear Keren's amazing vocals, you have to check her out on soundcloud. Keren is also on facebook a page run by Michael Jazbec (yep this webmaster again!) on Keren's behalf. Please check her out, you won't be dissapointed.